Digital marketing – are we there yet?

I think this question is an interesting one as it seems that everywhere we turn the word ‘digital’ crops up.

Talent conversations often centre around the need to find people with digital skills and backgrounds, regardless of industry or role.

And it is not letting up. And this trend in digital marketing continues on – growth has been phenomenal across out clients and we are not done yet.

To me, there is an interesting parallel. When I first started in marketing, the term ‘Direct’ was everywhere. The same requirements and challenges to find top talent remain for Digital.

We are seeing demand across a number of areas for digital talent including:

  • major transformation programs – user experience, online and project continue to flourish across industries. Internal digital marketing teams continue to grow
  • Growth sectors include banking and finance, education, pure online and energy and utilities
  • The start up space also continues to flourish, especially in Melbourne.
  • Digital marketers are in high demand across the board but especially in customer acquisition, digital strategy and content/social media managers. In each of these areas, clients are looking for digital marketers who can measure ROI – it is certainly no longer just creating content for content’s sake.

So how do you attract these great digital marketers?

I am having many conversations about what other options they can offer to secure top candidates, outside of salary.

Some selling points that work for my clients are:

  • Working with leading technology
  • Innovative culture
  • Market competitive remuneration
  • Strong leadership
  • Modern office facilities
  • Employment benefits – especially flexible work options
  • Friendly people and relaxed environment
  • Real career progression opportunities

Interestingly (and I think this also applies across the board!) work has become a consumer experience. People seek a holistic life – they want to work with intelligent people on exciting and creative projects. Values and purpose are as important as money, especially for younger talent. Companies that cannot provide this environment will struggle to attract talent.

I would love to speak to you more about the digital space, the trends we are seeing and what you can do at your business to attract the best talent.

Matt Harrison
Hope & Glory